CQuartz by CarPro is a nano coating that gives vehicles an outstanding shine and protection that is unmatched. Vehicles treated with CQuartz will have protection from contaminates, extremely reflective shine, and up to 2 years of durability. 

CQuartz UK Edition takes the protection to the next level. This formulation has been modified to withstand harsh winter environments where the temperature, road salt, and chemicals used on the road are more destructive to your paint protection. With this formulation vehicles will benefit from 2+ years of protection when properly maintained.This is why East Coast Detailing has chosen UK Edition over original CQuartz. 

CQuartz UK Edition Service includes:

  • Full Hand Wash of vehicle (or motorcycle) including wheels, wheel wells, door jambs, and gas cap

  • Iron out to remove rail dust and brake dust particles

  • Full dry using compressed air and microfiber towels

  • Clay bar decontamination

  • Multi step machine compound buff, spot wet sanding, removal of hazing, holograms, and light to medium scratches.

  • CQuartz application, 2 layers

  • Window sticker (very small) to show vehicle has been treated and mirror hanger to put up when vehicle is brought to a service department and they offer "free courtesy washes" to advise them vehicle has been treated.

  • Pricing is based on vehicle size and level of imperfections in paint, ranges from $400-1200

  • Interior detail and CQuartz Fabric and Leather Protection can be added for additional cost

Even though CQuartz offers 2+ years of protection, it does not mean the vehicle is "maintenance free." To make the coating last, regular washing is required. What you will notice is that washing becomes a breeze and dirt comes right off. If hand washing is not an option, going through a touch less car wash will suffice. 

CQuartz UK Edition Maintenance Packages are available. Contact for details and pricing. 

CQuartz Leather and Vinyl: Specifically developed to resist stains, dirt, jean dye transfer, and UV rays for 1-2 years.